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  • Photobucket Welcome to the Cold Warriors of CP. This army was created on March 12th of 2011. It was made by a merge of the Marines and the Air Warriors and are doing pretty good. We are a top 10 army and soon to be the best. We are rising very fast and we also are proffesional. We do ranks, rules and everything to make an army look strong. Also we do not allow bot use of any kind or any cheating so if we find out of it you will be banned immediately.
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Hello, Cold Warriors! Your leadership will consist of Topaz, Coqumichu, Lexie, Modo and Pride. We, are the 5hunna crew of CP.



We will not be returning any sooner. We will, though, officially return next year on 5/15/15. Thank you.

Cold Warriors Return

Attention Cold Warriors, 

The Cold Warriors are going to be returning, and this time they shall be better than ever. We have established a leadership capable of taking this army to the highest of heights. The leadership consists of:-

-Commander Dom




This time, the Cold Warriors are going to make their mark on the CP Army Community. Prepare for the return on 7/30/14.